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A late fall day on the Olympic Peninsula

Saturday I went over to the Olympic Peninsula in search of steelhead or salmon. I suspected that it was too late for summer run stealhead, but too early for the winter run. I was right. I fished with my friend Rick, on the Sol Duc for about 4 hours without seeing any sign of life. We then headed over to the Calawah where we saw a few (very large) spawning salmon, but nothing worth catching.

The water was running very clear in both rivers at a very respectable level. The day was sunny and clear, making for a beauitful time on the water, but alas poor fishing.

I've now probably put in at least 20 days trying to find steelhead in Washington. I've caught them in Oregon and British Columbia, but never here in my home state. I think they're a myth. My buddy Rick thinks they're a PR ploy by the state Fish and Wildlife Department.

Posted by Bruce on November 10, 2003 10:34 PM

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