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Getting Amazon Web Services Working with MovableType

I spent the afternoon trying to get the MTAmazon MT plugin working. The prospect of using Amazon's webservices accessable from my bookblogs was very tempting. After about 4 hours, I've finally got all the problems solved and I can now embed links to Amazon in my blog entries.

Some hints: First, make sure you follow the basic instructions for getting plugins working as described on MT's site. After you know plugins work, use the MTAmazon site to get the pieces you need. Once you've got the MTAmazon plugin installed, use it for something simple in a template -- like an entry in a 'div class="side"'. Don't bother trying to use MTAmazon in a blog entry until you've got it working in a template. Finally, to enable MT to use the new plugin tags in blog entries, you'll need the Process Tags plugin.

I highly recommend doing this one step at a time. Good luck.

Posted by Bruce on November 2, 2003 7:32 PM

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