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ecto - Remote editing of blogs

My friend Rand Wacker and I were recently talking about our websites and blogs. I commented that I'd probably post to the blogs more often if I had an easy way to write them while on the road, then periodically upload them to my server at home. Rand suggested I look into an application called "ecto" written for Mac OS X. Well, I've downloaded it and am playing with it now.

So far, it looks like exactly what I wanted. I'm writing this onboard a plane from San Francisco to Seattle, and I'll try uploading it when I get home. It's got a spell checker, can handle all of my categories, and seems to be a well behaved Mac OS X application. The version I'm using has a 20 day trial period; if I don't find any big problems, I'll be buying this.

ecto's website is here.

Posted by Bruce on March 3, 2004 1:29 AM

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