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While I'm usually partial to electronics which have a computing bend to them, I can also be intrigued by audio equipment. So when I recently bought a new Ford F-150, I decided that I wanted to replace the really horrible sound system that came from the factory with something a bit better. After a lot of research, I decided to get MB Quart Premium Series Speakers, a JL Audio 450/4 amp, and a Kenwood KDC-X969 receiver/face plate with Sirius.

Sirius is interesting. My thinking was that while I wander around the Northern Rockies this summer, far from any radio entertainment other than bad country music stations, satellite radio might be a good thing. I chose Sirius over XM since they advertised NPR programming and I can't live without my Morning Edition and All Things Considered. I assumed that the music programming on both would be roughly equivalent.

Well after living with Sirius now for a while, I've got some thoughts. First, neither of the two NPR channels on Sirius have my two favorite shows: Morning Edition and ATC. They have plenty of other NPR programming, but these two shows are missing. I assume this is so that local stations can provide them along with their regular fund drives, but it's pretty irritating. The whole purpose of satellite radio for me was access to programming when I was beyond normal terrestrial ranges. I probably should have checked out the Sirius website in more detail before jumping in.

Second, the sound quality of the talk radio stations seems to be AM quality and gets tiring after a while. I'm accustomed to the rich FM sounds of NPR and other talk or news radio stations and the Sirius channels sound flat and tinny in comparison. The music channels sound great so the bandwidth is there, Sirius is just not choosing to use it on talk radio.

I'll post more updates as I form opinions about the music programming.

Posted by Bruce on March 4, 2004 1:29 AM

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