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Two New Rods


I just bought two new Sage rods: a 5 piece 4 weight 8'9" SLT and a 2 piece 5 weight 9' XP. I purchased the SLT for backpacking into small creeks, and I'm hoping the XP will be good for nymphing and fishing in windy conditions.

Both rods seem to be very well made with beautiful finishes (the SLT is brown and the XP is green) and nice hardware. Both rods came with aluminum tubes (I hate PVC tubes).

I fished the XP on the Yellowstone today and I was happy with how it performed. I used it to throw a tandem rig with a weighted wooly-bugger and a variety of small nymphs on the end. I fish it with a fly line which I've cut 10 feet off the end so the belly is closer to the end. The rig loaded easily and cast well, but with the modified fly line was a little bit tough to mend. I really like how the rod felt in the wind.

I have yet to fish the SLT, but just casting it in the grass it feels very soft. I'm anxious to get out on one of the local little creeks around here and run it through its paces. Maybe I'll even get up to the Firehole.

Posted by Bruce on June 27, 2004 8:46 PM

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