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A Quick Stop in Hong Kong and a Tony Bourdain Experience

I'm flying to Australia on Cathay Pacific (great airlines) so I had an opportunity to make a layover in Hong Kong. I've done this now 3 times and I've always enjoyed it, this time was no exception.

I arrived on Sunday and headed to my hotel. In the past I've stayed at The Peninsula, a really great institution, but they had no special deals available and their normal room rate is pretty outrageous. So I checked with my favorite travel website and decided to give the Langham Place Hotel a try. The place was nice. I fell in love with it when I was greeted with a cool damp cloth at the registration desk - the perfect welcome for a hot muggy day. The room was a bit on the small side but was very nicely appointed with a huge big-screen TV, about a dozen different pillows, uber chic bathroom fixtures and a great view.

After cleaning up after the long flight I got down to the reason for coming - finding great food. But I was a bit early so I went to a food market in the neighborhood. For all you wimpy Americans out there like me, take my advice and don't go to a Hong Kong food market right before lunch. I felt like Tony Bourdain walking through stalls of live doves ducks and chickens (avian flu's from around here isn't it?), frightening nasty bits (there's a liver, a heart, sweetbreads, there are some lungs, what's that? Oh, ugh), fish flopping around, etc. You really don't want to know where your food comes from in Hong Kong.

But lunch was great. Based on a review in New Zealand's Cuisine magazine, the first place I went was a noodle joint for their Don Don Noodle Soup. It was yummy as expected (though my favorite is still at the noodle place on Castro Street in Mt. View California).

Other food highlights of the trip: Dim sum at Spring Moon in the Peninsula Hotel (the bird's nest soup was fantastic), Pineapple cream buns at a little bakery near the flower market, a fresh mango slushy at a little stall near Mangcock gardens, breakfast at the Langam.

One other note - I was planning on buying a Plantronics BlueTooth headset to use with my cell phone and computer. I searched far and wide, including at the Mangcock Computer Market (amazing place) but couldn't find one cheaper than I can get it from back home in the States. Maybe it's the exchange rate, but electronics aren't the great deal in Hong Kong they used to be. Hard disk drives seemed to be very cheap, but I don't need one of those.

Posted by Bruce on October 12, 2006 3:20 PM


I love your entries about Hong Kong!! I'll keep checking your site! Love, Kathy

Posted by: kathy sheehan on October 22, 2006 4:58 PM

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