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Back in New Zealand

I'm happy to say I'm back in New Zealand. I flew into Christchurch this afternoon and it was a beautiful spring day. The grass has that spring green color, the fruit trees and tulips are in bloom, and there's a warm breeze blowing off the Tasman Sea.

I was very happy to find my campervan in great shape. It started on the first try without needing a jumpstart or anything. The van might not be luxo, but it's dependable.

Unfortunately the fishing gear I left here isn't in such great shape. The waders, boots, and sandals must have been damp when I left because they have about an inch of mold growing all over them. The smell is much worse than the usual used wader stench.

I'm going to get the license up to date on the van, shop up for a few supplies and hit the road. I hope to be fishing within a day or two.

Posted by Bruce on October 13, 2006 3:20 PM

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