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2006 Sauvignon Blanc
Power passion fruit. Extremely fruit forward. A touch high alcohol, but nice acid base keeps it balanced.

2005 Sauvignon Blanc
More gooseberry than the 2006. Touch of caramel

2003 Sauvignon Blanc
Very different from the above too. Kind of an oily, viscous mouth feel. Loosing the fruit overtones.

2004 Chardonnay
Very easy drinking. Classic butter finish, but it's pleasant, not in your face. Nice.

2005 Pinot Noir
Not very concentrated. Nice cherry taste, touch of pencil. Not a great finish. Hints of grape candy. Should be better.

2004 Pinot Noir
Much better than the 2005. How much was vintage, how much is bottle age? Nice nose, more black currant than cherry.

2002 Pinot Noir
A bit more fleshy, more mouth feel. Nicely aging.

2004 Noble
Tastes like Honey Graham Crackers. Needs a bit more acid. NZ$45

Posted by Bruce on November 3, 2006 1:08 AM

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