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This cellar door is set up high and has a great view of the vineyard land south of McLaren Vale. When I visited there was a busload of women on a stag party and was a bit loud and overwhelming.

2006 "The Trickster" Verdelho
Very pale. Strong alcohol on nose. Zesty and acidic with no specific flavors. Not thrilled by this one. AU$18.50

2006 "The Loose Cannon" Viognier
Very pale with a weak nose. Some apricot and melon rind flavors. Where are the typical Viognier floral notes? Again, not thrilled by this one. I applaud them for trying to find a white wine that does well in this area, but these aren't doing it for me. AU$19.50

2005 "The Mongrel" Sangiovese Merlot Tempranillo
Brick red, a bit pale. Pencil lead on the nose - the Tempranillo really comes through. Hints of daffodil stems. Big taste of tar and tobacco, very little tannin. Interesting chilled. AU$19.50

2005 "The Rascal" Shiraz
Purply, slightly cloudy. Nicely integrated tannins. Tastes of poached plums, touch of smoke. Not big and bold, more restrained. AU$24.50

2005 "The Villain" Cabernet Sauvignon
Inky dark and clear. Nice nose with strong violet flowers. Smooth tannins, spicy, cinnamon hints. Flavors move to caramel, then to blackberry on finish. Pretty good stuff. AU$24.50

2004 "Madam" Sparkling Merlot
Unusual to find any merlot around here, let alone a sparkler. Kind of nice, very smooth. AU$19.50

NV Muscat Liquor
Reminds me of a light Pedro Jimenz. Lots of caramel corn. Tastes young. Very long finish. AU$24.50

Posted by Bruce on February 25, 2007 4:46 AM

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