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Another great little winery where they were pressing grapes when I visited. I was greeted at the cellar door by Anne Gibson, daughter of the owner and she was very friendly. A great little winery.

2004 Reserve Merlot
15% Cabernet. A nice classic merlot. Nose has a bit of cinnamon. Taste pencil lead, leather, minerals, and maybe a hint of grapefruit zest. Makes me want to eat a steak with this. Softens up a lot as it breaths and opens up. This was just released 4 weeks ago so could probably use a bit of rest. AU$31.90

2004 "Isabelle" Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon / Petit Verdot
Very dark. A wildly different nose, hints of cinnamon oil. Tastes of bramble fruits, but has a touch of that Petit Verdot feralness. Not really well rounded. AU$24.50

2004 "Wilfreda" Blend Shiraz / Mourvedre / Grenache
Looks unfiltered, a bit cloudy. Nice round nose with warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Beautiful tasting, with different layers. Starts out with spice cake, then blackberry. Finishes off a bit abruptly, but still very very nice. Tastes like it should cost a lot more. AU$24.50

2004 Shiraz
Cotton candy on the nose. Gentle taste of stewed prunes. A very long finish, stays fairly fruity. Maybe a hint of coconut on the finish? Makes your teeth squeaky. Demands a great piece of barbecued lamb. AU$36

NV Sparkling Merlot
Unique. Surprisingly light bodied. Easy drinking. AU$22

Posted by Bruce on March 6, 2007 6:56 PM

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