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This has to be one of the best wineries to visit on the planet. Torbreck makes ultra-premium wines and they let you taste all of them at the winery for just $5, including the really expensive bottles. Super friendly staff.

2005 "Cuvée Juveniles" Grenache Shiraz Mataro
Unwooded. Interesting earthy nose. A bit warm on the palette. Chocolate and blackberry flavors. Flavors are very forward in your mouth. Finish is average. AU$25

2004 "The Steading" Grenache Shiraz Mataro
This is the same stuff as the Juveniles, but aged in french oak. Beautiful nose. Big juicy cherry flavors. Interesting finish where the Grenache comes through strong. Long finish with several layers. Tobacco and chocolate on the finish. AU$37.50

2005 "The Struie" Barossa Valley and Eden Valley Shiraz
Odd nose, reminds me of magic markers. Very up front tannins, big licorice. A very different style of Shiraz. The flavors get better on the finish. I'm not sure about this one. AU$48.50

2005 "The Gask" Eden Valley Valley Shiraz
Inky dark. Beautiful nose, big on red raspberries. Very refined, yummy tannins. Grows on me a lot as I drink it. AU$75

2004 "The Celts" Shiraz
Small production (1200 bottles) available only at the cellar door. Very dark colored. Tastes like raspberry filled chocolate. Gorgeous. A very long finish like a mouth full of ripe juicy berries. One of the most enjoyable wines I've had in the Barossa. I had to buy a bottle of this. AU$75

2004 "The Factor" Shiraz
Torbreck's oldest vines go into this one. Brilliant dark crimson. Cassis and cherry nose. Warmer and rounder than your usual Shiraz, glycerin rich. Hints of honey and cooked strawberries. Very full flavored. Does the scratchy teeth thing. Beautiful finish. Very well made. AU$125

2004 "Descendant" Shiraz Viognier
The Shiraz and Viognier are co-fermented. Wow, big floral nose, huge smell of ice tea with hibiscus in it. Tastes very big but refined. Ice tea and hibiscus flavors come through. Finish goes on and on. Really great stuff. AU$125

2004 "Run Rig" Shiraz Viognier
The Shiraz and Viognier are blended after fermentation. Serious black pepper on the nose. Inky dark, almost black. Very seductive, really, really nice. Gorgeous tannins, velvety and just keeps on going. A very long layered finish. AU$225

2004 "Les Amis" Grenache
Surprisingly dark. Nose of stewed rhubarb. Almost sweet. Strong strawberry, watermelon. Hints of cotton candy. A very different Grenache. AU$190

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