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This winery visit had a touch of sadness to it. Seppelts is the second oldest winery in Australia and it's obvious that in its heyday, this was a big proud family business. But after 140 years, in the late 80's the family sold out to Penfolds, which was then bought out by Southcorp, then by Fosters. In all the juggling it's obvious that this grand old business wasn't given enough attention. The people who work there still dearly love the place and treat it with a lot of love and care. They are also making some great wines with tons of history. But the place needs some capital and marketing dedicated to it.

I took the AU$35 tour and it was great - you get to wander through the original Seppelt home and nose around Beno Seppelt's laboratory/office. You get to see the room where they keep the 100 year old barrels of port, and in the tasting you get to actually taste all of their top-line ports including the 100 year old. It's all pretty cool.

In June Seppelts will be sold at auction. I sincerely hope that it is purchased by somebody or some corporation that can give it the care it deserves.

2004 Sparkling Shiraz
Very much Shiraz flavored. Velvety mouth-feel. AU$

2003 "Drumborg" Riesling
Made from grapes grown in Victoria. Bit of kerosene on the nose already. An old world style riesling. Pale colored, with a touch of green. Tastes very different from most Australian Riesling. Surprisingly fruity given the nose. Tastes of lime and grapefruit.

1999 "Dorrin" Cabernet Sauvignon
Black. Beautiful chocolate nose, black currants, earthy. Very soft, beautifully aged but fruit is still obvious. Tannins have almost completely broken down into sugars. Very nicely made. Great with cheddar cheese. A beautiful wine. $44.50

1986 "Para" Tawny
A Single vintage tawny. Light coconut hull colored, touch of red. Beautiful buttery flavors. Very smooth.

DP 90 Rare Tawny
20 years old, blended. Black walnut colored. Bit more backbone than the Para, touch of tannin

DP 59 Rare Tokay
20 years old. Dark Coca-Cola color. Still plenty of fruit.

GR 113 Rare Muscat
20 years old, dark raisin color. Big raisin taste.

1906 100 Year Old Port
Very very dark. Extremely thick and syrupy - thicker than normal maple syrup. Smells like it's 100 years old. Amazingly, alcohol and fruit still there. Big coffee flavors, bitter chocolate. AU$1050

Posted by Bruce on March 10, 2007 8:16 PM

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