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I liked this winery a lot. They were very friendly at the cellar door, letting me taste all of the wines that they had in stock. I also like how they make their wines - all grapes are hand picked from very small orchards and they do everything in small batches.

2005 Sparkling Ondenc
Lager colored. A bit of spicy apple-cake on the nose. Fuzzy, coating mouth-feel. Nice acid, not sweet, very dry. Tastes of apple skins. Very long finish. AU$28

2006 GWH (Great White Hope) Viognier
Very pale, crisp apple nose, hints of honeysuckle. Very long finish. A bit of an oily mouth-feel. AU$19.50

2005 Shiraz Grenache Mourvedre "Three Gardens"
Brilliant dark cherry colored. Burns a bit on the nose. Chery flavors, hints of tannin but very smooth. Great food wine. AU$19.50

2004 Grenache "The Fifth Wave"
Clear dark rusty red. Big complex nose, almost syrupy tasting. 16% alcohol. Dark berry flavors, hints of chocolate. AU$30

2004 Cabernet Sauvignon "Jackaman's"
Somewhat opaque, not as dark as some Cabs I've had. Wow, huge nose, very unusual aromas: methol & mint on baked beans? Tastes very european. Smokey currants, milk chocolate. A long finish. A very different style Cabernet. AU$45

2005 Shiraz "Valley Floor"
Clear, dark, hints of brown. Soft tannins, medium bodied. Very drinkable now. Good value. AU$25

2004 Shiraz "Freedom"
Almost inky dark. From vines planted in 1843 - world's oldest still producing vines. Nice menthol nose. Hints of nectarine skins, a bit jammy. Beautiful round taste, plums & vanilla. AU$100

2004 BOUV "Barossa Old Vine Company"
A blend from 100 year old vines. Plenty of pepper on nose. Very dark, touch of violet color, a bit opaque. Bigger tannins than "Freedom," tastes younger. Blackberries, dark chocolate. Makes your teeth squeak a bit. This is an impressive wine which I suspect scores well in the trade rags. AU$100

20 Year Shiraz Tawny
Coconut hull colored. Toffee, caramel, and nuts on the nose. Beautiful honey-nut taste with a hint of orange. Extremely smooth. Great stuff. AU$35

Posted by Bruce on March 4, 2007 5:57 PM

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