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This little cellar door is pretty amusing. They have tried to preserve how a winery must have looked 100 years ago and when I was visiting they were pressing using all old style equipment. The buildings also feel like they're at least a century old, and they were packed with tourists when I was visiting.

2004 Eden Valley Riesling
Very pale, hints of green. Tight nose, not much aroma. Not much taste either, lacking anything interesting.

2003 Semillon
Pale straw colored. Nice round flavors - sweet apple, pineapple candy.

2006 Frontignac
Another one of the weird and wacky grape varieties you find so many of in S.A. Almost clear, very floral nose. Very sweet, not much acid. Taste hints of sweet lime.

2006 Alicante Bouchet
Yet another obscure grape variety. Made from free-run red grapes (the juice is red, skins don't provide the color as usual). Rose colored. No noticeable tannins. Round mouth-feel. Easy drinking - nothing complex, just easy fruity drinking.

2002 Moppa Springs Grenache / Shiraz / Mourvedre
Crimson red. Smells like Coca Cola. Nice round mouth-feel, taste hints of very ripe black cherries. Easy tannins. AU$22.50

2004 "Rod & Spur" Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon
Nice peppery nose. Dark crimson colored. Nice stuff, fruity, easy drinking. The Cab is very tame, no nasty green pepper bits at all. AU$29

2004 Basket Press Shiraz
Ruby colored. Blackberry flavors with hints of pencil lead. Distinct black pepper. AU$46.50

1999 Shiraz Vintage Port
Beautiful brilliant red color. Bit of hot alcohol on the nose. A nice, unusual port. Strong ripe blackberry flavors, cassis.

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