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I've always kind of like Yalumba wines, they are one of the "safe" affordable Australian wines you can find in many American restaurants and wine stores. I have some of their 50 year old tawny in my cellar that I absolutely love, so I was excited to visit them. It turns out they are the oldest continuously running winery in the Barossa, and even more amazingly they are still owned and run by descendants of the original founders. The winery itself is set in grand old buildings. I kept thinking that Seppelts could have been just as healthy as Yalumba seems to be if only they had received a bit more managerial TLC over the years.

2001 Eden Valley Hand Picked Riesling
Pale straw colored. Starting to move towards the honey/kerosene direction, still plenty of acid and fruit though. This tastes like it is 10 years old. AU$24

2006 Hill Smith Estate Sauvignon Blanc
Classic Sauvignon Blanc nose, bit on the gooseberries. Very fruit forward, no shortage of "grass clippings." Great acid. Tastes like it comes from a much colder climate. AU$19

2005 FDW7C Adelaide Hills Chardonnay
Very light straw colored, almost pale. Classic buttery caramel nose. Very crisp, hints of citrus. For a classic malolactic buttery style Chard, I surprisingly like this a lot. Really nicely made. AU$25

2005 Heggies Viognier"
Tight nose for a viognier, almost nothing there, just a hint of honeysuckle. Very minerally, hints of flowers & apricots. Not a really bad wine, just nothing much there. AU$29

2006 Sangiovese Rosé
Very pink. Sweet strawberry nose. Quaffing wine, not much serious, just fruity berry flavors. Not much backbone. Hot weather wine to be drunk by the gallon. AU$9.45

2005 Bush Vine Grenache
Bing cherry colored. Dark aromas sitting on top of the spicy juicy fruit nose. A bit more sour than most grenache. It has the classic grenache flavors in there, but they are almost hidden, more of a second layer taste. Finish is long, fairly tight tannins. Left me with squeaky teeth. AU$15

2005 Tempranillo / Grenache / Viognier
Bright red. Nice nose like Heisse Himbeern (hot red raspberry sauce) in Germany. Great mouth-feel, big fruit with lot of nice layered flavors. Cassis, red currants, nectarine skins come through. Finish is long, but not really complex, a bit dark. AU$30

2004 Shiraz Viognier
Black cherry color. Nice classic shiraz flavors, with some floral highlights. Nut brownie taste in the finish. AU$15

2004 Shiraz
Same grapes as previous wine, but no Viognier. Inky dark garnet color. Blackberry on nose. Definitely earthier that the previous blend. Hints of orange syrup. Tannins are much much chewier. AU$15

2004 Hand Picked Shiraz / Viognier
Very dark, a bit cloudy. Red curran nose, bits of warm spice cake. Beautifully balanced, nice mouth-feel, round flavors. Good stuff. Tannins a bit tight on the finish. AU$30

2002 Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz
80% Cab, 20% Shiraz. Bing cherry colored, hints of rust brown. Very earthy nose, almost peaty. Hints of Grenache like flavors. Chocolate on finish. AU$15

2004 Menzies Retreat Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz
Lighter than most Cab/Shiraz blends, more purple. Green vegetable nose. More forward mouth feel with tight flavors. The Shiraz is not coming through on this at all. AU$25

NV Museum Muscat
Cola colored. Toasted nut nose, but not much of it. Tastes like sweet raisins. Complex finish with buttery caramel coming through. Would be great served with apple dumplings. AU$23

Posted by Bruce on March 29, 2007 3:28 AM

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