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This is a great place to have lunch - I had a really nice regional platter. This is not such a great place to taste wines - they had incense burning at the tasting bar!

2006 Classic White
Very pale. Orange on the nose. Very citrusy, tropical, almost sweet. AU$17

2004 Chardonnay
Very pale. Kind of a bitter hint on the nose. Again, orange hints on top of classic malolactic Chardonnay flavors. Nice clean finish - finish is better than the taste. Some dark hints.

2006 Rosé
Fire engine red. Sweet smell - like cherry soda. Tastes sweet too, like flat soda pop. Totally flat finish, nothing there. Not horrible, just more like fruit punch than wine. AU$17

2004 Pinot Noir
Brownish color, looks oxidized. A very cheesy nose (is this corked?) Tastes extremely mushroomy, not my kind of pinot, hard core french. Zero fruit flavors. AU$25

2006 Shiraz
Very purply. Fruit punch & maraschino cherry flavors. Very simple finish. Lacks intensity and flavor. AU$19

Posted by Bruce on March 31, 2007 6:38 AM

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