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This is a very small winery which also happens to raise mushrooms. If you visit, you'll more than likely meet the owners.

2004 Somerset Constellation
A different, but very nice sparkler. Very light sand colored. Not much of a nose, but very tasty. Very fruity, citrusy. Absolutely no yeast detectable. Very clean, easy drinking. Yum. I bought one of these. AU$39

2006 Semillon
Very pale, almost clear. Very grassy nose, almost like a Sauvignon Blanc; some hints of honeydew. Interesting mouth-feel and texture, almost gritty. Very grassy tasting. AU$21

2004 Pinot Noir
Brick red color. Nose smells like cherry skins. Almost a sweet taste but still earthy and very french style, very little fruit. Very smooth tannins. AU$30

2003 Pinot Noir
Lighter than the 2004 and the taste is also simpler, almost diluted. Mushroom nose. Muddled flavors. AU$24

2004 Merlot
Odd nose, not sure I like it. Very light tasting Merlot. Definitely grew on me after several tastes; first was disappointing, last was quite nice. Serious chocolate taste. AU$35
Followup note: I bought a bottle of this and drank it afterwards. It is very light, but has a very different taste, not your typical Merlot. Got more of a blueberry pie taste.

Posted by Bruce on March 30, 2007 2:48 PM

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