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For years I've liked Mad Fish wines - they are relatively inexpensive yet taste great and go down oh so easily. I've served cases of them at parties I've thrown. But I didn't know where they came from because I couldn't find the winery in any of the Australian wine guides. It turns out Mad Fish is the low-end label for Howard Park. I'm happy I stumbled upon them.

2006 Riesling
Very pale. Sweet citrus nose, lemon blossoms. Bit of effervescence on the tongue. Serious acid here. Lots of lime, citrus and mineral tastes, but very clean. Extremely nice. Find this at home. AU$25

2006 Mad Fish Riesling
Pale, hints of green. Nice nose - citrus and hints of apple blossom. Flavors aren't as intense as the Howard Park label, gentler, almost sweet peach. AU$17

2006 Sauvignon Blanc / Semillon
Pale, light green. Serious Sauvignon Blanc nose. Surprisingly round flavors - ripe green melons. Sauvignon Blanc is under control. Some warm herbs. Crisp and clean. Very well made. AU$19

2005 Chardonnay
Pale straw colored. Popcorn on the nose. Soft buttery flavor, nutty, savory. Nice acid backbone with hints of grapefruit. Complex long finish. AU$38

2004 Mad Fish Chardonnay
Very pale, almost clear. Light nose. Much fruitier than the Howard Park, more like stone fruits. Less malolactic creaminess. An easy drinking chardonnay. Finish is very simple. AU$24

2006 Mad Fish Late Harvest Riesling
Nice zesty nose but with floral notes. Easy drinking, nothing complex. Not much finish, just kind of falls off. Very gentle acids. AU$14 500ml

2005 Pinot Noir
Light cherry color. Nose of black cherry and leather. Very smooth tannins. Nice gentle flavor, hints of strawberries and cream. A very easy drinking Pinot Noir. Great value at AU$19

2004 Mad Fish Shiraz
Very purple. Nose like Christmas fruit cake. Sweet spice, not real peppery tasting. Nice complex fleshy flavors. Finish is a bit simple after the nice initial flavors. AU$24

2003 Cabernet Sauvignon
Half of these grapes are from the Denmark area, half from Margaret River
Dark purple color. Warm leathery nose, dried ferns. Velvety tannins. Nice herbal hints. A very well tempered Cabernet Sauvignon. Blueberry flavors, oak is very restrained. Howard Park's flagship wine. AU$40

2004 Scotsdale Great Southern Cabernet Sauvignon
Peppery nose, a bit herbal. Very smooth, almost delicate. Very refined. Nice layered flavors, changes a lot in your mouth. Hints of caramel on the finish. Beautiful velvety tannins. Good stuff. AU$40

2004 Scotsdale Great Southern Shiraz
Light purple color. Wet leather on the nose. Very smooth tannins. Warm cooked cherry flavors and milk chocolate. Nicely layered. Well balanced. Beautiful finish. AU$40

2004 Leston Margaret River Shiraz
Light purple, almost identical to the Scotsdale. Bell pepper on the nose. Brighter flavors than the Scotsdale, more fruit forward with red berry flavors. Tannins a bit more assertive than the Scotsdale, should age well. Hints of sour berries on finish. AU$40

Posted by Bruce on March 31, 2007 6:11 AM

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