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This winery gets my sob-story award for emotional attachment. When I drove up to the winery, the place looked abandoned. I poked around though and eventually a gentleman (Doug) came around the corner and explained that they weren't really open for tasting, but he'd be happy to open a few bottles for me to try if I had a glass. I found one and was quickly trying some very nice wines. While tasting, my new friend told me that bush-fires which had come through the area several weeks before harvest destroyed their crop for this year and they would have no 2007 vintage wines. What a shame! I really enjoyed their wines. As I was leaving Doug gave me the bottles he'd opened for tasting. Great people, great wine. It's too bad they've had this disaster fall on them.

2001 Riesling
Light honey colored. Nose is definitely headed towards the honey and kerosene type of Riesling. Taste though is amazingly fresh and fruity with plenty of acid. Finish is a bit short. AU$22

2004 Riesling
Beautiful nose with hints of apricot. Nicest riesling I've had yet in Western Australia. Peach and stone fruit flavors. Not super acidic. Very elegant and well made. Interesting complex finish. Really good stuff. AU$22

2005 Riesling
Bit less of a nose than the 2004. Flavors are more muted as well but still nice. Again, noticeably gentle acids. AU$22

2004 Semillon / Sauvignon Blanc
Very clear. Big nose, very citrusy towards the orange and lemon end. Surprisingly round flavors, not too grassy or herbally. Not overly acidic. Finish is a bit short. Easy drinking.

2004 Pinot Noir
Light cherry color. Beautiful nose. Smokey, leather, earthy flavors but in a good way. Short finish. AU$18

2005 Pinot Noir
Beautiful cherry red color. Raspberry, blackberry nose. A lot going on, a very complex, multi layered wine. Beautiful long finish. AU$28

2006 Pinot Noir
Beautiful bright cherry color. Very fruity nose. Nice vanilla on finish. AU$28

Posted by Bruce on March 31, 2007 6:51 AM

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