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A very funky winery with a ceramics business as well. These guys pride themselves on making new and experimental wines.

2004 Three Hills Viognier
Pale straw. Nose is a bit weak, a bit astringent. Apricot flavors, a bit toasted, hints of almond. Finish is long and round, ending in some mandarin.

2005 Three Hills Cahrdonnay
Very light. Not much nose, tight. Serious peach flavors.

2005 Happs Fuchsia
Happs' popular pink wine. Sweet, but with a touch of tannin. Very light bodied. Feels spritzy, but has no bubbles. Their top selling wine, but not my favorite. AU$16

2004 Happs Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot
Soft, easy acid. Balanced savory tannins. Short finish. Dark cherry flavors, a bit of dark bramble fruit. AU$20

2002 Three Hills Grenahce
Light colored, Not sweet at all, completely dry. Mocha and raspberry flavors. Short finish. AU$30

2003 Three Hills Merlot
Dark plum color. Grat tannins. Nice touch of yummy oak. I like this. Got to taste the 2004 as well, it's woodier (in a good way) and a bit longer finished. In a few years this will be very nice. AU$36

2002 Three Hills Charles Andreas
A Bordeaux blend. Inky dark color. Easy and approachable. Very fine tannins. AU$36

2003 Happs Shiraz
"Mountain herb" flavors. Very good stuff. AU$20

Posted by Bruce on April 11, 2007 3:24 AM

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