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It was interesting to visit the Mecca of Canadian ice wine. This winery is obviously set up for a lot of visitors. They have two separate tasting areas, one for their table wines, the other for ice wines. We tried both.

2006 Late Autumn Riesling 6-5-5
Semi-dry. Very light, almost clear color. Hints of lime on the nose. Tastes much drier than expected. Very one-dimensional lemon/lime flavors, not enough depth, probably lacking acid. Finish is medium long but flat.

2004 Montague Estate Chardonnay 5-3-4
Light sand colored. Classic chard nose, butter and pineapple. Tastes green, not my kind of chard at all. Some butteriness but not the sweetness I usually associate with a bit of malo-lactic fermentation. Actually a bitterness predominates. CA18.30

2004 Founder's Series Pino Noir 6-2-2
Light cherry colored, some hints of strawberry red. Nice raspberry, classic pinot noir nose. Taste is very bitter - no fruit at all. Finish is hot and burnt. Drinking this was not a pleasant experience. This was really bad - could it have been a bad bottle? CA34.65

2004 Oak Aged Videl Icewine 7-7-6
Light gold colored. Honey and vanilla on the nose. Not overly sweet. Taste caramel, peach shortcake, bit of cream, hints of almond. A very long finish, but drops of suddenly at the end, not gradually. CA$89.95

2005 Cabernet Franc Icewine 8-8-7
Pinky copper colored. I love the nose - hints of strawberries. Definite strawberries in the flavor. A wee bit syrupy, but some noticeable acid, especially in the front of the mouth. Zero tannins. Nice sustained finish. CA$110

2004 Sparkling Vidal Icewine 6-6-7
Golden straw or honey colored. Honey and flowers on the nose. Tastes hint of mangos and lychees. Not as sweet as expected. Finish is nice and long with hints of nuts at the end. CA$70

Posted by Bruce on August 24, 2007 1:47 PM

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