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2004 Dry Riesling 4-3-4
Extremely clear. Nose of white grape skins. Sour, grape taste. Disappointing finish. CA$14

2005 Chambourain 4-3-3
Dark cherry color, touch of brown. Smells high in alcohol, but is only 12%. Tastes a lot like tar, and not in a good way. Finish is abrasive. CA$14

2005 Vidal Icewine 6-7-6
Gold/green color. Honey on the nose, hints of apple butter. Nice bit of acid, keeps it from being cloying. Very crisp, not syrupy. Slight grassy taste. FInish is long though not layered or complex. Hints of apricot on the finish. CA$40

2003 Riesling Icewine 6-7-6
Sandy colored. Almond blossom nose. Taste violets, green apples. Backbone has a touch of acid, like apples. Not overly sweet. Very long finish, with some apricot, but not much layering. CA$50

2004 Cabernet Franc Icewine 6-6-6
Copper colored. Sweet ice tea nose. Taste apples - a bit tart, some spicy apple butter going on. Don't like this as much as the Jackson-Triggs. Tiny bit of tannin. Finishes with strawberries.

Posted by Bruce on August 24, 2007 1:47 PM

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