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I need to vent some frustration...

Of course the world loves Google. But getting a new site indexed on Google is a major pain. On December 28th I registered my dad's site with Google's Webmaster tools and created and submitted a sitemap xml feed. Two weeks later and still isn't being indexed.

Webmaster tools sees 74 URLs in the sitemap which it regularly pulls from my feed but shows 0 Indexed URLs. I see the google bot traverses the site, I've registered it with Google Analytics, I set up a correct robots.txt file, I've even created a feed to Google Shopping - which works but doesn't seem to share links with the main Google search engine.

And although there are a tremendous number of help FAQs, Forums, etc, it's not clear just how long you should wait to be indexed. In the forums you see people saying you should expect anything between a couple days and up to 7 months. What a way to run a railroad.

I suspect the biggest problem is that there are very few links pointing to the new site. A classic chicken/egg problem.

Frustrating... I just want my dad to get his first real order.

Posted by Bruce on January 11, 2010 12:52 PM

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